by Better Than Mending

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These three songs were recorded in the spring of 2017 at The Ranch Production House in Southampton.

They were recorded, mixed and mastered by Lewis Johns.


released July 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Better Than Mending Bristol, UK

Post-hardcore from Bristol, UK.


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Track Name: New Architecture
I built a scaffold around you
Placed myself in every stone we’d stack
What if the home that we built
Still stood tall once the foundations cracked

This never seemed possible when we were hand in hand by the seine
Oh how lovers fall and hope their heads won’t break the surface again
We took our time, let our fingers grow tired
From gripping onto what was falling apart
But memories are hopeless liars
They don’t recall that this was wrong from the start

This architecture failed me
It’s fair to say that it failed you back
We can’t say which one came first
And claim defense when we both attack

I was dragged out of the rubble
Built anew before I changed my name
You bound my hands to stop the bleeding
From picking at the scabs again
Every brick found a new tessellation
The edges now seemed so clear
Rebuilding a friendship forbidden
I found a shape that reflected me

These walls now as defenses for the moment
They hold my past within

So push me back down
I won’t get back up
I will just shut up

Push me back down and I will get up
Track Name: Long In The Tooth
I tell myself that I’ve no need for resolutions
But still each night I’m having the epiphany
I’ve had a thousand times before
That I need to change when my goals seem so clear
So I watch the clock pass midnight each night
And ring in the New Year

When this countdown leads to nothing
I find myself in the same old way
With my sights set upon something
I’ll never reach unless I change

The promises I make to myself
Get broken every morning
The cycle of absolution
Will keep me from moving

I reach for inspiration to hold on to
A foothold of motivation
So I can climb towards what I always wanted
While there’s still time

I tell myself I’ll sleep when I’m dead
If someone is there to wait by the bed
To restart my heart in time to wake
With the alarm before morning breaks

The sun will rise and sets in secret, behind these walls
My mind won't take notes from regret

I build myself to nothing, to noone
And I fill myself with something I can’t hold on to

Another day with nothing to show
What’s inside my head, so I’ll never know
If I can achieve what I think is me
Or live inside with my apathy

The sun will rise and set in secret behind these walls
And I make myself complacent with all my flaws
My head won’t let me get done what I said before I’m dead
I tell myself I’ll change, this time I mean it
Track Name: A Familiar Forest
I take a walk through this forest
Until I reach the bark where we carved our names
A climbing trunk with no branches
Reaching outward still stands tall all the same

The skyline is overgrown
We’re reaching for sunlight to carve out a home
I walk through these piles of dead leaves
I drag my feet through memories

I take a flame to my limbs
Burning, these ashes they take to the wind
This single burning pyre
Won’t be a catalyst for a forest fire

The canopy overhead
Consumes all sunlight
Raining down the dead
The forest floor
Turns day into night

And as we grow
Nature/nurture shows
The scars we couldn’t see
How could I live to know
This twisted trunk
Has grown crooked because of me

Don’t tell me
This is a sorry state
When I know
These branches can’t hold the weight

My imperfections run through the rings
Every layer repeating the flaws of my sins
I’m ending a legacy here
Keeping this patch of forest clear